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Rheumatology Advice Line: Not new but invaluable!

Posted by Kyle Beacham (Admin) Oct 27, 2020 Posted in Rheumatology

What Happened?

When did you change?

In March 2020, at the start of the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic

Who was involved?

The whole rheumatology multi-disciplinary team 

How did you change?

We have a well-established advice line & made several significant changes

  • recorded an updated answer phone message every week with general advice
  • drafted all the team (specialist nurses, consultants, physio, OTs) to assist in responding to calls
  • drew up a crib sheet covering commonly asked queries about covid-19, shielding advice and access to local support

 What challenges did you face?

  • supporting members of the team not used to answering queries
  • ensuring adequate documentation
  • ensuring consistent advice

What successes occurred?

  • demonstrated team working
  • drew on the different strengths and skillsets of the team
  • highlighted the importance of the advice line & ensuring the workload is recognised & job planned

Click here or on the attachment below to read and download the full Change Challenge Innovation

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