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Advanced Practice MSK Physiotherapy roles - Integrated into the Urgent Care Centre (UCC)

Posted by Kyle Beacham (Admin) Nov 10, 2020 Posted in Urgent and Emergency Care

When did you change?

  • Mar 2020 – 1st batch of ACP Physio staff identified for a training week (n=3) in the UCC processes.
  • June 2020 – (n=2) added – 5.0 WTE added to UCC Physio staffing of 4.4 WTE staffing at B7 & B8a.
Who was involved?
  • ED Clinical Director (consultant)
  • MSK managers
  • UCC clinical lead + ACP / ED management 

How did you change?

  • Highlighted the lack of MSK demand on their service – 20+ band 8a advanced clinicians without any patients.
  • Discussed with ED team the need to overstaff minor injury pathways with ACP/AHP’s to allow medics to be freed up to deal with what was then the unknown.

What successes occurred?

  • The flexibility of the workforce
  • Quick adaption to training needs
  • The flex of the lead ACP role to allow time to train x 5 new staff for a quite unique environment
  • Staff morale to keep up skills/patient facing/feeling of ‘helping out’

Click here or the attachment below to read the full Change Challenge Innovation

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