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Supporting people waiting for hip & knee replacement operations

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Currently many people are facing a long wait for knee and hip replacement operations. We are working hard to reduce waiting times, but we also want to support people to stay as well as possible whilst waiting.

If you're waiting or supporting someone who is, how can we help you best manage your health and wellbeing until you have your hip and knee replacement operations?

If you're a healthcare professional, what do you need to help support your people awaiting hip and knee replacement operations manage their health and wellbeing?

If you're a healthcare, community or voluntary sector leader, what are you or your organisation currently doing to help people who are waiting for hip and knee replacement operations and how can we help you further?



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MyPathway Hip Replacement Pathway

MyPathway is a straightforward, adaptable patient engagement platform. One of the apps pathways is for orthopaedic patients having a hip replacement. The hip replacement pathway of care provides patients with specific, personalised information about their condition and how to self-care.  Within the app, patients have access to personalised, digital resources that enable patients to self-manage and prepare for surgery.  At the time the patient decides to have their surgery, they will be...

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Getting people fit for surgery

Getting patients fit for surgery myOp is a universal intervention designed to support and optimise patients before elective surgery. It combines evidence-based prehab interventions with behavioural change techniques to improve physical and mental fitness and optimise nutrition. For clinicians it allows for easy risk stratification of patients, allowing those who benefit from more specialist services to be rapidly identified. It also contains 2-way chat and...

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Prehabilitation, physical, mental and social stimulation for people waiting for hip and knee replacement operation combined with respite for carers in a single intervention

We have developed a unique model that delivers distinct programmes for specific cohorts of older people including those awaiting elective hip and knee replacements, rehabilitation following surgery and patients with Dementia; Parkinson's; Alzheimer's; Loneliness, and; Depression. Golf in Society CIC is driving a fast-growing social movement. We are introducing the social, health and wellbeing benefits of golf to our ageing population. Golf in Society offers those awaiting...

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Patient centred plans (idea from tweet chat)

To work with patients to co-design a care plan, considering good communication skills, what matters to the patient & also considering all options of accessing extra support. Additionally having one named lead for the patient to contact to support continuity.   Here is the original tweet by Oliver Evans Mangwana 🇿🇼🇬🇧 @oliverevans79   A4 PT centred care plans allowing pt's to design a care plan to help alleviate anxietys and concerns. Good communication on next steps...

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Virtual Knee School – develop evidence-based digital tools collaboratively with patients and professionals

During my PhD research, I have been working collaboratively with patients and professionals to develop a ‘Virtual Knee School’ website. The website provides information and an exercise plan for patients waiting to have a total knee replacement. It aims to help patients prepare for before, during and after their operation. Developing the Virtual Knee School involved: Reviewing previous research investigating pre-operative care, such as education and exercise plans, for people...

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Versus Arthritis Lets Move Physical Activity Programme! Online movement resource's and programmes to support people with arthritis to move more!

We have developed a range of virtual resources to support people with arthritis and related musculoskeletal conditions to move more in a way that works for them. Our work is based on what people with lived experience of Arthritis want and we have incorporated behaviour change principles to encourage people to be active over a longer period of time. We believe our Lets Move with Leon, 12 week movement programme will be a great support for people to stay as well as possible while waiting....

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Practical help at home & out & about

Being in pain with mobility impairment means your world shrinks & it is difficult to manage at home and/or to get out & about especially if you live alone. Many charities & other local organisations  offer support schemes but often people don't know about them so people managing of supporting those on long waiting lists should research & find out about these and ask commissioners for some financial support to fund them where individuals can't afford them. Ensuring people who...

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On The Mend - Transform physical rehab for everyone

On The Mend is a physical rehab technology platform supporting patients, surgeons and physiotherapists to deliver great care, enhanced engagement and improved outcomes. We are currently seeking early partners to support our testing phase with pre/post surgery hip and knee replacement patients. Please get in touch with us at if you would like to find out more about how we can bring digital transformation to your healthcare organisation, supporting patients and...

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Hip and Knee connect session

On the 2nd February 13:00 - 14:30 NHS Horizons hosted a connect session on supporting people waiting for hip & knee replacement operations. During the session the audience were split into two breakout rooms and uploaded their top four ideas to the platform.  Here are some of the ideas which weren't uploaded to the site following the session.  Breakout Room 1:  Pre-hab but integrating into local community such as working in a garden or volunteering (not everyone likes gyms or exercise...

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Joint Replacement Support Package

Versus Arthritis have developed a six-part package to support people with arthritis waiting for joint replacement surgery in England This guide was written in consultation with people with musculoskeletal conditions waiting for joint replacement surgery. The implementation of this support package could mean better health and wellbeing, and less distress, for people with arthritis waiting for a joint replacement or other types of orthopaedic surgery. This resource is not intended...

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