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Effective communication

I'm passionate about effective communication between health services and patients. Often I've found communication - whether it's interpersonal communication or leaflets - explain what the clinician wants to tell the patient, rather than what the patient might need to know - these things might be similar, but they are often different! Also explaining the why - for instance WHY it's important that physio needs to be done, why it's important that meds need to be taken in a particular way - and making sure the patient really understands the instructions, using coaching techniques rather than just telling. Rethinking communication could help avoid people coming into hospital, and help them go home quicker where appropriate.  

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Kate Pound 6 months ago

There is often a lot of demand on admin teams responding to questions which you have set out, this idea would reduce demand on staff and therefore free up their time to support clinical teams.

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Sarah Garner 2 months ago

Totally agree with this, healthcare is all about getting communication right and making is quick and easy for staff to give patients the information they want and need.

If anyone is looking for tools to to send templated messages, links, attachments to patients, and where appropriate, allow patients to reply with questions or answers, this is exactly what we do at accuRx.

Happy to chat with anyone who might find this helpful!

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Emma Walker 2 months ago

Absolutely - a personalised care approach to communication bringing in aspects of shared decision making, self management support and motivational interviewing techniques would be really helpful here across all settings

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