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Shared Decision Making

Using shared decision making tools and techniques to ensure that patients are ready for surgery, their situation hasn't changed and they understand and are committed to pre and post surgery commitments - both in terms of their own health, but social situations too.  These can all be elicited through simple techniques.

Is your idea a commercial offer , or does it have the potential to be a commercial offer?


Which part of the pathway does your idea focus on?

All parts of the pathway

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Jane Hart 4 months ago

Completely agree Emma. Have you been doing this for sometime or is a recent change in practice? What tools are you using and are they sharable? How weel is this being received by patients?

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Emma Walker 4 months ago

Hi Jane, We have been having conversations with a number of teams about this approach, but not done anything explicitly around elective restart - The tools are really simple Motivational Interviewing approaches which we have been using widely with a large range of teams with success over recent years and are especially useful around challenging conversations

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Cathy Sloan 3 months ago

Hi Jane, has lots of resources on shared decision making and supports many of its members to embed SDM in their day to day practice. Emma leads this work for Aqua!

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Ideas from Tweet chat 3 months ago

@ZebraOrphans - The Chronic Theory Twitter: Shared decision making changed the game. Coproduction at its finest.

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