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Streamline prescribing and delivery of medicines to the patient

Plan medications for dsicharge in advance - make sure the patient knows what they will be taking home and the pharmacy team are geared up to provide it in a timely way (I once had to wait beyond 6pm from lunchtime just ofr medications to be delivered.  The ward team asked me to wait in a cupboard so that they could use the bed for someone else)

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Leigh Kendall 3 months ago

Thanks for your idea Rachel. Maybe an additional point to this is making sure the patient knows how and when to take their medicine. I'm sorry to hear of your experience of waiting in a cupboard.

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Anisah Majothi 3 months ago

Great idea Rachel! Deon had a similar idea of pharmacy team being prepared for patients being discharged the next day so that people can head #Home4Noon. Apologies for your experience.

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Kerry McGinty 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing your idea and story Rachel and I'm sorry for your experience. This is something spoken about quite a lot that delays caused by waiting for prescriptions.

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