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Checkout process

I was thinking about a hotel stay. You have to checkout by 11am say. Everyone knows that in advance. So people start vacating their rooms early in morning, up to 11am. There is a checkout process and a key drop. Some people leave hotel, others may stay around hotel lounge and leave later on. The rooms though are vacated and housekeeping can get to work for next arrivals.

So how could this relate to hospital? Some thoughts which could relate to a cohort of patients:
1. When people are admitted, especially for elective surgery, set the expectation that they must vacate their bed by 11am on day of discharge. They need to arrange logistics re onward journey prior to admittance and supply number to call re 'discharged - ready to pick up'. Reminders are sent to this numbers day before and on morning of discharge.
2. They should go to a 'discharge' receptionist who does a checklist and any admin. A text/call should be made to pickup contact/anyone meeting them.
3. They are welcome to stay in a lounge area before and after 11am and leave at their own discretion. People coming to pick up should be told to meet them there rather than go to ward (helps with preventing cross-contamination). The lounge should be welcoming - ideal for a concession eg Starbucks? There should be a taxi rank outside. Checks should be made occasionally by receptionist to see if someone has not been picked up/left.

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Bev Matthews Aug 30, 2022

Thank you Geoff - i think there is much we can learn from other industries and experiences where we are more in control of the variables. There are some similar posts on this so am tagging others to link up here: Especially Julian and Leigh for their posted ideas

Hi Geoff I think this a fantastic idea - hospitality in hospitals!

Hi Geoff I think this a fantastic idea - hospitality in hospitals!

Kate Pound Aug 31, 2022

Completely agree, this needs everyone saying the same message from GP to hospital teams, creating public awareness if key.

Tom Underwood Sep 2, 2022

Really like the idea of making a lounge, and particularly one which it is enjoyable to be in or adds value. Reminds me a bit of the disney idea where they make the queue a positive experience. Waiting well is a good initiative when people are waiting for surgery, but what about afterwards when people are finished? A lounge would be a great place for people to be able to access advice around recovery and managing their condition.

Rosanna Hunt Sep 5, 2022

Something that strikes me about this idea is the value of setting expectations - in that it enables more control to be put in the hands of the patient. They can arrange travel home and know that the hospital will support them in getting ready for it.